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Stori Fawr Dre-fach Felindre

The Mural

In 2013 the artist MEIRION JONES, Cardigan, was commissioned to create a mural which would celebrate the history of the village of Dre-fach Felindre.

In an open evening in Neuadd y Ddraig Goch on 4th April 2014 the framed five foot by four foot mural was presented to the community.

The mural will be in the National Wool Museum in the village as part of a permanent community exhibition which reflects the life of the district ‘past and present’.

murlun gan Meirion ac Aneurin Jones

The artist Meirion Jones spent weeks talking to individuals of every age and to different groups of people in the district in order to understand the importance of the past and present. He read widely and looked at collections of different photographs in order to familiarise himself with the area. He and his father, Aneurin Jones the famous artist, spent many an entertaining evening imagining what kind of mural to design.

Meirion said,

“The mural is in the form of a circle – you can see it clearly from afar – and the circle is a symbol which encapsulates the life of the village, the water wheel, the spinning wheel, football, the social cohesion and so forth. A flow of water is seen here and there as this industrial village would not have flourished without the three little rivers - Bran, Esgair and Bargod. This suggestion of flowing water is to be seen in the blue ribbon and in the people who walk around it.

I very much like the colour blue and this colour blossoms here and there, and it gives the picture a dream-like feeling, not unlike the feeling in Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood. That is, the past and present becoming one with the colourful characters weaving their stories.”

Meirion added, “The initial spur was the photograph of members of the village football team – Bargod Rangers.”


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