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Stori Fawr Dre-fach Felindre

Merched Beca

by pupils at Penboyr School

This project started with pupils asking the question why the centre of the village was known as Sgwâr y Gât. The theme of Merched Beca inspired the school eisteddfod and an art project that produced a large and impressive mural. Pupils worked with the Prifardd Ceri Wyn Jones.

Extensive research was undertaken with visits to Pembrokeshire, the National Library and St Fagans.

Younger pupils changed their Playhouse into a Tollhouse. Real sheep and horses were charged to go through the gate with pupils collecting tolls.

Their findings were widely shared with the local community and their partner school in India. Their activities inspired the commissioning of a community pageant.

See their work on the Ysgol Penboyr website.

Plant Ysgol Penboyr
Plant Ysgol Penboyr gyda giat Merched Beca
Llun gan plentyn Ysgol Penboyr
Plant Ysgol Penboyr yn St Ffagans
Murlun ar y wal Ysgol Penboyr